Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Harley is ten years old this week!
Not sure of the exact date as he was a rescue kitten,
but he was born the last week of October.

My handsome guy!
Harley loves to hunt mice ~
He brings me one nearly every day! :~0
He also loves to eat (he weighs 20 lbs!)
and he loves catnip!
So I made him a Catnip Mouse
using organic catnip grown here at home.
Happy Birthday Harley!





(A few mice are scampering over to
Lady Farmers Market!)
"A joyful heart is good medicine"
Proverbs 17:22


~ ♥ Kelley ♥~ said...

Happy Birthday Harley!
Hope that your special is filled with lots and lots of mice and catnip!♥

Anonymous said...

Oh, he is a handsome guy! :-D

I also grow catnip in the garden and dry it to make catnip mice for
Mr. Bloo.


Camille said...

Sweet little mice you have created Raeann! AND...*so* much nicer than the *real* ones he gifts you!! :) Happy birthday to Harley!

Nadine said...

He is adorable...and what a good mouser! :)


Cheri said...

What a good lookin' feller. Love his color. I would love to have a cat, but my daughter-in-love, brother-in-law and best friend are all allergic. Achoo!