Mt. Rainier Wildflower Walk

Come, stroll with us as we delight in
the beauty of majestic Mt. Rainier!

Wildflowers abound in glorious colors of lavender...



yellow and orange.

Dainty little waterfalls add refreshing
 coolness to the high mountain air.

Conifers rise up like arrows
pointing to the azure heavens above.



See where the trees stop up there
on the right? That is our destination!

Only the Master Gardener could choreograph
such a glorious display.



Giggling brook!

Soothing meadow of white.

Flowers of every hue...

and size.

On a previous visit, Gentleman Farmer and
Farmers' Daughter #2...
hiked up to Camp Muir, the base camp
for those climbing to the summit of
Mt. Rainier.

More of the Master's handiwork...

Fluffy white blossoms dance above the blushing throng.

Each step we take brings us to an endless variety of
color and form that perfectly compliment each other!

Lupine and Mountain Fleabane.

Paintbrush, Magenta form.

Gentleman Farmer glasses the far ridge
in hopes of seeing a mountain goat.

Avalanche lily nearly crushed beneath the step of
a two legged visitor and a four legged one!

Nearing the tree line.

Hardier, less delicate plants dot the landscape now.

At this junction,one can hike on up to the base camp
or turn and descend back to the visitor center.
Today, we choose the later, on a path less traveled.

A marmot has come out to sun himself

He is greeted by a companion!

Rosey Spirea enjoying the company of fir and other
alpine flora.

One wants to burst forth in song...

harmonizing with the cacophony of blossoms!


Indian Paintbrush, Lupine, Cow Parsnip and others.

Our journey is almost come to an end.

One last meadow.

The Gray Jay bids us adieu!

Back at Paradise Inn.

Tucking this lodge into my
'places I would like to stay' list.

The mountain looks 'angelic' now with her halo of clouds,
but in just a few short weeks, she will be
blanketing her enchanting floral carpet
with a harsh cover of deep snow.
We will not see this beauty again until
next summer.

I hope you enjoyed your walk with us thru
one of our favorite places ~
Mt. Rainier National Park.


Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Lady Farmer,

Oh, how I loved going with you on your hike; how absolutely breathtaking! The flowers are so profuse, it's amazing. And the colors blend so perfectly!

The marmots made me laugh, as we have one living in our backyard.



Kateri said...

Wow! So much beauty packed in one placed. I would love to go there. Love all the photos, but especially the ones of the little streams. Thanks for sharing the beauty of Mt. Rainier with us.

The B's said...

Thanks for taking us with you on your walk. It was such a lovely day to enjoy the mountain!


Camille said...

Absolutely gorgeous Raeann! How wonderful that you had such a day in God's glorious creation! I *love* alpine meadows...sooooo beautiful. Thank you for taking us along.

Many blessings,

once in a blue moon said...

that was such a beautiful hike, thanks so much for sharing~

Cheri said...

Oh. Wow. Spectacular!