Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I (HEART) Clotheslines!

Especially when they used to be my sweet Gramma's!

(I was raised by my grandparents on a little farm on

Washington's beautiful Olympic Peninsula.)

I love just about anything that has to do with clotheslines....

making my own laundry detergent...

making clothespin bags
for gifts,
to sell in my store,
and even for holding my clothespins!

When I can't use my clothesline outdoors,

I put the indoor clothes dryer my sweet

Gentleman Farmer made as a

Christmas gift a couple of years ago

into service indoors.
(This photo was just to show what it looked
like when made. It has been installed over the bath tub
where the tub handily catches any drips from wet laundry.)

Nothing is more restful than
sun dried sheets fresh from the line!

Though they are very old and in need of a coat

of white paint, my clothesline not only brings

me happiness from cherished memories,

wonderful, fresh smelling,

sun disinfected laundry

and lower electric bills...

they bring joy and shelter to other creatures as well.

Here is a photo of a happy dweller in one of the poles!

They don't bother me if I don't go poking into

their nest, so I let them 'bee'! ;~P

This little Violet-Green Swallow (or her ancestors)
has made a nest in the hollow pipe

for more years than I can remember.

She and her mate faithfully raise a brood or two

every Spring and Summer and have never

done any 'damage' to my drying laundry.

They do help to keep the insect population down

so they are welcome companions while I am

out of doors, entertaining me with their

joyful warbling...

happily sharing the pleasure of

using Grandma's Clothesline!


"Let thy garments be always white."

Ecclesiastes 9:8a


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Magnolia Tea said...

Hi there! Love your blog, and this post is certainly making me want to put up a clothesline, again.

Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

Ohhhh! This is such a sweet post! I love that the birds have made a place in your clothesline poles. What a blessing! Thanks for linking up and sharing your photo and story.

Psalm 84:1-4

Camille said...

Oh Raeann...I *loved* this post!!! What fun to *see* into your life a little my friend. :) How lovely that you are the using clothesline your Gramma used...what a treasure. I agree...there is nothing so wonderful as sleeping on freshly dried sheets from the line...mmmm!!! Your *guests* are beautiful creatures that the LORD has sent to you...although the bee's nest is a bit frightening to me...(:0)!!

Have a terrific day!

Jennifer said...

Great post... I love the poles.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Oh yes...clotheslines, clothes dried in the bright, hot sun...wonderful! Your indoor rack is beautiful; I have a stand on the floor rack, so useful.

Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Lady Farmer,

Mmm, mmm, line-dried sheets! Nothing is sweeter than clothing dried outside, is it? And how wonderful to have your Gramma's clothesline. If memory serves me right, my grandma had one just like that! I don't remember any birds' nests, though, so that makes yours extra special!

Thank you for reminding me of summer's nicest gifts; the clothesline!



p.s. What a great idea, to have a clothes dryer over the tub!

Jennifer said...

Such lovely pictures - your blog just always makes me smile, feel relaxed and causes me to reflect on the simple joys/pleasures in my life!! Always so nice to stop by:)

Cherie said...

What a lovely post with such great memories. It is very cool to see how you are carrying on that tradition.

Cute critter photos too!

Life In a Little House said...

aghhh nothing like clean laundry freshly dried by the sun :) I have always enjoyed doing laundry I actually like to fold....I don't mean to brag hehehe but I am a fabulous clothes folder lol!! Have a blessed day Love Heather

Camille said...

Just stopping by for one last visit before I go *offline* for about a month. Enjoy your Summer Raeann! We will have to arrange a little tea soon! :)

In HIS Love,

Patti said...

I love your little indoor clothes dryer. I need something like that with all the rainy weather we've been having.