Sunday, June 13, 2010

This Weekend I....

  • Went to the service/repair parts store 60 miles away to get the part for my broken washing machine
  • Waited while Gentleman Farmer repaired the washing machine
  • Caught up on the MOUNTAINS of laundry created by not having a washing machine
  • Stopped at a favorite old fashioned meat market and picked up a 50 pound "family pack" of meat/chicken for the freezer
  • Made a lovely pot roast with carrots and potatoes with a roast from the newly purchased family pack of meat
  • Enjoyed a wonderful Sunday School video series called The Truth Project
  • Cleaned up around the grape vines while
  • Gentleman Farmer roto tilled our second garden spot
  • Enjoyed our second day in a row of 70* weather
  • Skimmed the delicious thick cream off of two gallons of raw, whole Jersey milk
  • Picked up two bags of organic feed for 'the girls' who lay our beautiful organic eggs
  • Looked for a recipe online for an easy homemade ice cream to use that lovely cream and eggs in


Head on over to Becky's to see what others did this weekend!


"Laziness casts into a deep sleep,

and an idle man will suffer hunger."

Proverbs 19:15


Rebecca said...

Well, you certainly were not idle, my friend! You make a working weekend sound wholesome and sweet - especially that cream skimmed off the top of the milk pail :)

momoflots said...

I just started reading your blog - and realized we must live in the same area - the plant life looks similar and we too experienced two days of 70* weather :0) Nice wasn't it?!!! I read your "about me" page and discovered you live on the Olympic Penninsula!! My parents live out there and also have to drive 60 miles to the store! I live near Seattle although I long for a more country life :0). (I do have chickens and a garden so I get the illusion of country living lol!) Anyway, I love your blog - so beautiful and uplifting!!

momoflots said...

P.S. Our church did the Truth Project and they are FABULOUS!!! We were very blessed by the series!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my dear friend...I have the "truth project" in dvd's. Isn't it an amazing study? My husband and I sat many weekends in a row watching them and we learned so much.

I have a nice ice cream recipe that you could use with raw milk. I haven't tried it until I make it, I can then share it :)

I am glad that you got your washing machine fixed. Thank goodness that it is only the two of you...otherwise, the mountains will have multiplied.

Be blessed dear one,


The Watts Family said...

sounds like a busy yet fruitful and wonderful weekend ~Fresh Ice Cream sounds wonderful!! Blessings Heather

Simply Heart And Home said...


Your weekend was quite busy! But all those things (minus waiting for the washer to be fixed) sound wonderful. Well, maybe waiting for the washer to be fixed is wonderful. :)

Have a lovely day!


LDH said...

A most productive weekend! Cute how you emphasized Mountain of laundry :)

The Truth Project series is so good! Two years ago, instead of our usual Sermon Summary, our Community Group viewed the entire series (one each week).

We have the videos ~ I should get them out as I would really enjoy seeing them again.

My weekends, as well as every day lately is just so full of Spring/June related activities and I am lagging behind on day-to-day stuff.

Our daughter graduates high school this Friday evening (exams this week), My grandson's 13th birthday is Saturday, and it's Father's Day on Sunday.

Last weekend we had a wedding and an engagement party.

Fun stuff but so busy!

Nice stopping by to visit with you!

hip chick said...

Oh my you were busy.

Jennifer said...

Such a productive weekend - don't they just make you feel wonderful?!? Glad the washer is up and running thankful for those conveniences:)

Camille said...

Oh all sounds perfectly lovely! (Except of course the MOUNTAINS of laundry to catch up on!!) wonderful to have a machine to do the hard part of that chore for us!! Mmmmm...the fresh cream and thoughts of homemade ice cream have me dreaming of my own Jersey cow! :)

Blessings to you my friend!
With Love,

Miss Jen said...

Wow.... you were very delightfully productive indeed!

Bless you!

Love~ Jen

Becky said...

So glad you played along. And I LOVE the Truth Project. In fact, I need to do it again just because there is so much I know I did not catch the first time around. It is very convicting about what I have allowed the world to put in my head.

Marqueta said...

Dear Lady Farmer,

What a busy weekend! There's nothing like having a broken washer to make you appreciate how nice it is having a working one, is there?

I hope you found a good ice cream recipe, and I hope that the weather warms up enough for ice cream to sound wonderful! Can it really be the first day of summer next week?! It still feels like April here!

I hope you are able to have a wonderful garden this year.



A Joyful Chaos said...

Sounds like a busy week. If you find an ice cream recipe that you really like I hope you'll share it with us.