Thursday, June 3, 2010

So close...

...I almost stepped on it!

Hours old Blacktail Deer Fawn
"As the deer pants for the water brooks,
So my soul pants for Thee, O God."
Psalm 42:1
Edited to ease your concern:
Gentleman Farmer and I have been watching the mother
for weeks as she has grazed our little wooded pasture.
This fawn was born earlier this morning.
Mother was not far off when I took this picture.
We are blessed every year with the birth of
at least one on our property.
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Brittany S. said...

Oh, what a neat experience! The Lord was so good to let you experience that. Thanks for the verse to along with it.


Kathy said...

Oh my word! Bless it's little heart! Bless your heart! I bet they were both just thumping!
Soooo beautiful!

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

This is so adorable. Thank you for sharing.

Storybook Woods said...

Oh my goodness, what a blessing. Clarice

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! What a blessing to have seen her :)

Thank you dear friend for sharing,


LDH said...

What a precious discovery! Wonder where mama was.

Toni said...

OH MY, what a wonderful sweet blessing of Nature !! Thank U dear Lord, for this creation ;o) Yes, I too am wondering 'where' is the mother ?

Natasha said...

How totally incredible! I have never seen anything like that before. I hope he will be fine and well.

Best wishes,

cheri said...

Oh, I miss the days of fawns in the backyard (though I don't miss the days of deer-eating-my-garden).

Newborn fawns have no scent so the mamas can leave them to go graze and they are safe from predators. What a wonderful design by the Master Designer!

Camille said...

How WONDERFUL!!! So precious! God's creatures are incredibly lovely, aren't they? You are so blessed to live in such a place. :)


Katie@LeBeauPaonVictorien said... cute and exciting to be a part of!! Sweet, dear little fawn!

Jennifer said...

Absolutely precious...sure hope mama was close by:) What a wonderful surprise -

Simply Heart And Home said...


What a lovely surprise! That baby is so precious!


The B's said...

Almost born on my birthday. =) I think we may have a little one born in our field this year, too. A mama has been lingering the last couple of days...=)

Debbie said...

What a precious sight! I was glad to read that Mama doe was hovering nearby.

It must be wonderful to live around such treasures.

Olga said...

A new life! How lovely and precious!