Friday, May 7, 2010

Harker 'Mallow' Pottery

This is my budding collection of 'Mallow' pottery by Harker.
I began collecting this pattern after my MIL gave me
the only piece she had. I believe it was a wedding present to her.
I have gotten all of my other pieces bidding on Ebay.
I love this pattern for it's pretty cottage style flowers
and that rim of black that sets off the bright colors.

The entire collection (so far).

A medium sized bowl sitting on a much coveted luncheon/dinner plate.
This is the only one I have seen offered on Ebay
the many years I have been scouting for Mallow pieces.
I am assuming not many of them survived.

A stacked, covered casserole and a custard cup.

A beautiful Batter Bowl

Cake plate, salt and pepper shakers and spoon.

Even the inside of some pieces have the floral decoration.
The original piece.
Sadly, it is stained, as many of these pieces are.
They were loved and used!

You can google "Harker" or "Harker Mallow" for more information
on this maker and pattern.
Joining Cindy @ My Romantic Home for today's Show & Tell.
Be sure and stop by for many more lovely things.


"But now, O LORD, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand."

Isaiah 64:8


Susan said...

I absolutely love your dishes.

Rebecca said...

These are really quite pretty! I don't recall ever seeing this pattern before! I'm sure you're having a good time finding more pieces!

Anonymous said...

It's lovely Raeann!

jamjar said...

I love your dishes...I didn't even know they had a specific classification/name whatever...I've long admired them but didn't know anything about them...I collect pink depression and I really don't need to start another obsession!! Tee-hee! But of course, now that I know about Mallow ware I'll probably not run into that way sometimes! I think I "followed" on one of your other blogs so just tonite remedied that situation and became a follower here!
I do know who Linda Stubbs is, from her blog but not personally. However, she is relatively close to me and I think I need to plan a little trip down to her area and meet her. Stutzmans has 4 or 5 locations in this part of Kansas and they are looking to expand from a mostly Mennonite-farm nursery to a "city style garden center"...their words not mine!
As to resizing before posting...I'm shocked. Do you mean to say that if I make it smaller before uploading, it won't take so long to upload? Who knew!!???!!! Thanks, that in itself is valuable info.
Thanks again friend,
Love, Jammie

Storybook Woods said...

What a beautiful collection and you have a lot of pieces. So much fun xoxox Clarice

Abounding Treasures said...

What a lovely pattern and collection!

Happy Mother's Day :o)

Marqueta said...

Dear Lady Farmer,

Oh, they are so pretty! I can see why you would want to add to the collection.



The B's said...

Looks my old home. =)

LDH said...

Such a pretty collection. This pattern is new to me and so lovely. Your collection is growing with sweet pieces!

Anonymous said...

I've seen this collection and I've always thought I'd like very much to have -- but never got around to collecting them -- your lucky and blessed!

Mrs. Doug said...

I love the dishes. Nice design. I have a set of dishes that my Mom had, they are green and white with a cabin scene on each one. I keep finding more pieces at yard sales and thrift stores. Last Christmas my husband gave me a big box of them that he had picked up at a thrift store. Then this past year I picked up more at an estate sale. I just want to keep the treasure for my girls. They were a wedding gift to my Mom from her mother in law and she said they were for sale at some grocery store... where you buy groceries and they give you a free plate. Must have taken lots of groceries to get such a large set. I have some that are chipped and cracked and stained, but I'll keep them anyway. Lots of fun collecting.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear friend...the dishes are lovely!

If they are stained, it is because they have been used :) A sure sign of a well-loved piece!

Grace & Peace dear one,


McBethie said...

Hello fellow Mallow lover. =)
When I was a child, I used to spend a great deal of time with my maternal grandmother, and she had several pieces of the Harker Mallow pattern which I dearly loved (in part because it looked so beautiful with the pastel LuRay dish set she had an extensive collection of.) When she passed away, I inherited her LuRay and Mallow dishes, and the Mallow collection has grown considerably and takes up most of my china cabinet. You have a few pieces I don't yet have- and your collection is absolutely lovely. =)