Friday, February 6, 2009

Under The Weather!

I have been abed these last few days with a nasty flu bug. I am hoping to read all your lovely posts when I am able to be in an upright position for more than a couple of minutes. In the meantime, would you all say a little prayer for me?
I would so appreciate it ( and so would Dear Gentleman Farmer. We are both tired of living on a liquid diet of ginger ale and soup!) :~}

"the prayer offered in faith will restore the one who is sick...and pray for one another, so that you may be healed. The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much."
James 5:15 & 16


Miss Jen said...

Lady Farmer,
I hope you feel better, real soon!! ;)
You will be in my prayers.

Many Blessings,
Miss Jen

Lori said...

Bless your hearts, love and prayers are being sent your way. Many blessings to both of you!


LDH said...

Praying for you both ~ please feel better soon!

Abounding Treasures said...

I pray that you soon feel better and that before you know it, you'll both be eating far tastier meals :o)


Michele said...

So sorry to share our bug! Thank you for risking it, and coming to take care of the wee ones last week. Praying for your speedy recovery, as you know!


cheri said...

Get well soon!


Paula said...

Dear Lady Farmer,

I was so concerned about you! Thank you for letting us know you have been sick. I am so very sorry. You are in my prayers! I love the verse you shared and the sweet Betsy Clark image. I still have my Betsy Clark doll from when I was a little girl.

The Lord bless you!

Jennifer said...

So glad to see a post from you - now we understand why you have been "absent"...I certainly will be praying that you are stronger, up and around, and feeling better each day. Thank the Lord for a gentleman to be by your side on those sick days!

Take care - Jennifer

Lavinia said...

Something very nasty is going around and consuming everyone in its path. I can't tell you how many people I know who are down for the count. Here's hoping the soup, the ginger ale and our prayers will work their magic and you are back to your selves in no time....