Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

I recently entered a couple of give~aways and was drawn as the happy recipient for two. I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of these items and yesterday
the mailman came with gifts in hand.
This first box is from Sandy at Quill Cottage. She makes many lovely items and this give~away was for several Valentines she also has tutorials for.
I opened the box to first find a little note telling me she chose her Bird Cage Valentine because it is the one I said I liked best.
The box revealed a cellophane bag, nestled into a cushion of pattern tissues, secured with a handmade closure of the same paper used in the Valentine.

Inside the bag was lovely hand cut strips of co-ordinating confetti.
(Sorry, don't know why Blogger turns some of my photos!)
There are little jewels and flowers across the top, and it is edged with old fashioned trim.
Around the perimeter of the Valentine, Sandy wrote,"Lift the loop and you shall see...
That which makes me think of thee."
Upon lifting the little velvet loop one sees two darling little blue birds singing on a flowering branch!
This 'tweet' Valentine made my heart sing, too.
Thank you Sandy, it is delightful.

The next box is from Selia at Down the Rabbit Hole. She makes the most wondrous tassels. Not only was my name chosen, but I could choose which tassel I would like. I asked for one with a bird or birdhouse,(do you see a pattern here? I love birds.) but would be perfectly happy with any that she decided.
I was so curious which one she picked out, but never did I expect to receive
all these treasures in the box. Just look at all this bounty!
First, there is this precious hang tag with embossed detail around the edge.

Then I saw this little paisley be-ribboned bag. How did you know, Selia, I love paisley and the ribbon is my favorite shade of sage green!
Inside was.....

the most darling little handkerchief and little charm with my initial!
I am almost squealing with delight, at this time. Then I find a delicious bar of Eucalyptus soap, a little box with an English Ivy votive candle, and then...

just a little longer~
(in amongst the treasures[above] is the beautiful handmade card/mailing label that was atop the shipping box. The details are just amazing! Sorry you can't see much, but I didn't want to reveal our mailing addresses.)
Isn't this the most precious thing you have ever seen!

Thank you, Selia, he is an absolute delight!
Thank you Selia and Sandy for such beautiful 'work of your hands.'
Since we are speaking of give~aways, be sure to visit me in The Sewing Room (click image on side bar). I am having a little give~away of my own. I hope you join in.
(This verse is to honor both these generous ladies)
"A gracious woman attains honor"
Proverbs 11:16


Marqueta said...

Dear Lady Farmer,

Oh, how fun, and how beautiful! You deserve them both, I'm sure!



Michele said...

Beautiful, just as you described! I could tell you were overjoyed when you called to fill me in on all your treasures! How fun to make new friends and receive such darling gifts.


Abounding Treasures said...

What beautiful treasures were sent to you by both ladies :o)

Down the Rabbit Hole said...

Dear Raeann,
I am so happy that you like everything!!! Your other package is just wonderful from Sandy. The Valentine is precious. How creative to use the pattern tissue as packing! Now I am off to see your give away! Your blog is so beautiful and peaceful...

Anonymous said...

Those gifts are simply too sweet, Raeann.

Thanks for the kind words on my quilts...

Trinity Mommy said...

Congratulations on these beautifull treasures!

Miss Jen said...

Lady Farmer,

What LOVELY treasures!!

Thanks so much for sharing them with us. Also, thank you for your prayers!! I am feeling a wee bit better today. :)

Love Always,
Miss Jen

Lavinia said...

Amazing, what generosity! I've seen many giveaways on blogs and I am amazed at the kind and generous spirits who so lovingly put these parcels together and send them off. That bird tassel is *so adorable* !!