Friday, November 28, 2008

Christening gown

A few weeks ago, we celebrated the dedication of our newest granddaughter to the Lord. It was a small gathering of family, grandparents and closest friends.
Daddy and both grandpas gave their thoughts and advice, read scripture and prayed for Morgan and her Mom and Dad.
Morgan, and her sister before her, wore the Christening Gown that I had sewn from the salvagable parts of my Wedding Gown. ( I had loaned it out and it was returned in bad shape ~ many stains and soiling. Having been raised by my Grandparents, and not having much money for my Wedding, my Darling[then future] Hubby bought me my Wedding Gown as his wedding gift to me. It was pictured in one of the Brides' Magazines back in the day!) Otherwise destined for the trashcan and only to remain alive in my memories and in pictures, I decided to create an Heirloom from a sad circumstance. I just could not throw away this precious gift.
So, here is what once was a Wedding Gown, now born again as a Christening Gown!
Chantily Lace from the train of my gown.

Gown with more lace and underslip from satin.

Along the hem of the underslip, I have begun to embroider my name and Date of My Wedding, Raegan's name and Christening Date and Morgan's name and Christening Date. ( Not visible in photo.)
Hopefully, this gown will be passed on and names added to with other Grand Babies and even Great Grand Babies.

Pictures were taken by my dear Daughter, Michele, in the girls' sweet little bedroom sanctuary. Don't you just love the color of the walls and the beadboard wainscotting that Son-in-Love, Christopher did for his precious little girls.

There are a few useable pieces left from my gown, perhaps I should make a bonnet to go with the Christening Gown. I think it will be for the next grandbaby! *hint hint* (Shannon, if you are reading this, the hint is for you, too! *grin*)

"Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6


Rosezilla said...

Wow, talk about making lemonade from lemons! That gown is simply beautiful, and such a treasure! I'm sure it will be a family heirloom for many precious little ones to come.

Wren Cottage said...

What a precious heirloom, the lace is gorgeous... your work is just beautiful and what a sweet thing to stitch the names on it... thank you for sharing it with us ~ I'm enjoying your playlist too! Thank you for stopping by Wren Cottage , I thought I had sent you an email, I apologize for that!! blessings to you and yours~*~*~*~ have a beautiful Sunday

homefront said...

Raeann, What a precious gift you've given your girls and grandbabies. The dress is beautiful.
But now I want to see you in the dress before it was a Christening gown. You and dear gentleman farmer. Please??????
Loving your blog, Jamie

Jennifer said... precious! Oh to have the talent to sew with my hands and create such special things for the ones I love...what a blessing! Even your pictures are lovely.

*emilie* said...

this gown is absolutely amazing !

Lori said...

What a precious keepsake you have made to pass down to many generations! I agree with Madai, your work is beautiful, what a gift you have!!!

Kathi said...

Oh it's just lovely. I'm so sorry about your wedding dress, but I love what you have done. You are quite talented to think of this idea. It's a precious gift again.