Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pileated Woodpeckers

I heard their familiar call first. Their comical dance in the tree tops then caught my eye. They let me get very close so as to observe their brunching in the apple tree. They teased each other and giggled like love struck school kids. When the one was finished, he swooped down and away from the tree, nearly colliding with my head, shouting a loud "kik~kik~kikkik" as he went. The other finished the apple she was eating and proceeded to another. When she had finished sampling yet another apple or two, she quietly flew in the opposite direction and into the forest. They will be back as is their fall and winter habit to visit The Orchard for a fruity meal now and again. I will be looking forward to their next occasion to dine with us.

"He has brought me to His banquet hall and His banner over me is love. Sustain me with raisin cakes, refresh me with apples..." Song of Solomon 2:4&5


homefront said...

I have been "away" from blogland and just recently returned and have found your pictures, musings, and shared wisdom to be so refreshing! These days of politics and market woes are so depressing, your sweet pictures and tranquil posts are much needed and appreciated! Please keep them coming. And I agree with your DD, you are so creative!!! Can I make a suggestion? How about a book?
I also loved hearing about your birds. I hope you'll post each new visitor at your feeder. We too are wondering how to afford our bird habit as the grain becomes so dear. Jamie

Lavinia said...

This bird is quite exotic looking. These birds sound quite entertaining too. And what an apt quote!

Michele said...

Did Woody the Woodpecker have a girlfriend? Let us know when Woody and Wendy come again for a snack.

Jennifer said...

Such a pleasing - and reassuring - post! You write so well...I really enjoy your posts.

Technonana said...

Don't you just love this bird!!! They visit my backyard in summer, when I place suet in the suet feeders for them. But one afternoon I looked out to see a very comical sight... one of these beauties had decided to feed from the other bird feeders, his long, heavy body had the feeder almost turned upside down, but no matter, he continued to feed and shake the seeds on the ground for the ground feeders!!! It was quite a sight!!

Ginger said...

Enjoyed your blog so much redreshing,Loved the woodpecker never have seen one like this before.
hugs ginger