Thursday, January 7, 2010

From Gentleman Farmer's Workshop

Gentleman Farmer was quite busy in December
creating wonderful woodcrafted gifts for all his girls!
Below is a handy clothes drying rack that both daughters
and I received.
We found the directions in
Mary Janes Ideabook, Cookbook, Lifebook.


Above ~ folded down flat when not in use
Above ~ Extended for drying linens, delicates and even herbs!
(This is not were I plan to hang it, but just for pictures until I find
'the right place.' It takes a very sturdy nail/hanger as it is quite heavy
and wet clothes will add even more weight.)

Above ~ A scaned page from the Feb.-Mar. 2010 issue of
Mary Janes Farm magazine showing one version of the
rack. (We chose not to paint ours so there would be no transfer of
color onto fabrics.)
Below is another nifty little creation by the Gentleman Farmer.
Can you guess what it is?

It is a beautiful Balancing Bottle Holder
made from gorgeous burled Maple wood.
Perfect for holding a bottle of wine, sparkling cider
or even a bottle of olive oil!

He sliced a big block of Maple with his tablesaw,
planed it smooth with his planer,
beveled the end, drilled the hole for the neck of the bottle
with his drill press,
and sanded and hand rubbed the surface with
food safe butcher block wax.

I am mesmerized by the thing!

He even left the beautiful burl edge on this one

He made me two so this one is going in the shoppe
if you are interested!


"For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them."
Ephesians 2:10


Camille said...

I love the drying creative! Your hubby is very handy at making lovely things out of wood...beautiful!

Have a lovely day!

Christa said...

Now that is very creative! I think the bottle holder will do well in your shoppe. Have you considered putting your clothes hanger/dryer in your shoppe as well?

Wonderful workmanship!



Marqueta said...

Dear Lady Farmer,

Gentleman Farmer is a wood-working wizard! :)

I have been eying that pattern for the drying rack for over a year now~Do you think I can get my farmer to make one, too?

And the bottle balancer, wow! Truly amazing.



Anonymous said...

What thought gifts! Gentleman Farmer is such a cool guy! :)

Thank you for your kind words on the birthday invitations. :)

Anonymous said...

What a treasure you have dear friend, in your husband!

I have wanted one of these for such a long you think he will want to make some and put in the shoppe?

Thank you for sharing ;-)


Lori said...

Hey Lady Farmer!! :) Please tell your Gentleman Farmer I am really impressed with that drying rack. Shall I send you my address?? (for the mailing of MY drying rack when he's finished with it?) LOL! How special that he made one for you and your girls. I love it!
I'm often peeking in on your blog. :)

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

That bottle-balancing thingie just looks like some kind of magic!!! How talented he is! And the drying rack is NIFTY.

Nadine said...

Gentleman Farmer is very talented! My husband was behind me when I was looking at the photos and was very interested in both of the projects...I think he would enjoy chatting with your hubby...they seem to have a lot in common also!


The B's said...

I always knew he was crafty! =) I love the burl in that bottle holder, so rustic and natural!


Mrs Snell said...

How wonderful! I would love that drying rack in my main bathroom... will have to set my woodworker to making me one!

The bottle balancer is amazing! Is there a pattern/plan for it, or did he just "wing" it?

Lady Farmer said...

Mrs. Snell ~
We were visiting a shop in Port Townsend (I don't remember the name of the shop, but it is full of Myrtle wood creations) and we saw several of the bottle holders. Gentleman Farmer is always up for a challenge when it comes to wood, so he thought he would see if he could re-create what he saw. He didn't have a pattern, just kinda figured it out. I am terrible at anything math so I don't understand the balancing/ratio stuff, I just know that I love looking at it! If your guy works with wood, I am sure he can just "wing" it and figure it out! ;~P

DownBranchRoad said...

Hubby done a great job on his creations. I LOVE the drying rack! Thanks for sharing with us.

Miss Jen said...

Simply Marvelous!!! :)
How kind and thoughtful of
your dear husband.

Many Blessings~ Miss Jen

Sharon said...

What a blessing your honey is! I love the drying rack :) Gentleman Farmer did a beautiful job!