Thursday, June 25, 2009


A couple of weeks ago, I entered a give~away at

I had only been following her blog a short time
and had only made a few comments.

Well, I won ~ a sweet little tin of notecards featuring
Cicely Mary Baker's Flower Fairies.

This post is not about the give~away that I won,
but about a new friend made.

(It amazes me that friendships can be made having never met a person,
but simply by communicating with others here on the internet.)

Yesterday, I was not feeling well because of a headache,
and just a little "down in the dumps."
Gentleman Farmer picked up the mail from the mailbox on his way home
from work, and laid it on the kitchen counter for us to peruse!

There, amongst the junk mail (no bills! Hurray!) was
the sweetest little envelope addressed to me.
Don't you love to get real letters and cards in the mail?
It is fast becoming a lost art to corresponde with
a hand written note through the postal service!

Upon opening the dainty little envelope I was delighted to find
this adorable little card with seed packet!
From Gina!

Just because!

My spirits were lifted and my heart was full of thanks for a new friend made!

Thank you Gina for your sweet and generous spirit, and to all
of you dear blogging friends that daily support and
bless me with your sweet, funny and encouraging comments!

"A friend loves at all times"
Proverbs 17:17


Jennifer said...

How wonderful!!! Not only to be the winner :) but to have made a new friend, as well! Hope you are feeling much better today!

Lori said...

CONGRATULATIONS on winning!!! That card is soooo sweet I could just eat it. :)'s just darling. Don't ya just love things like that?? And how nice that it came on a day when you needed it. :)
Hope you're feeling better!!
I just love coming to your bloggy. :)

Sharon said...

Lady Farmer,

I do hope that your headache is gone and you are feeling better.

Isn't it wonderful the people that the Lord places in our path? :) That was so sweet and thoughtful of Gina. Very cute card, is it Susan Wheeler?

Friends are most definitely a blessing from the Lord!

Have a blessed evening :)


lady m's lavender cottage said...

Headaches are such a nuisance, aren't they? But what joy to be the recepient of a handwritten letter and card.

It is like receiving a gift all the time you open the mailbox ;)

I so enjoy stopping by your lovely blog everytime you post...

blessings dear friend, and enjoy your present!

lady m ~

Michele said...

Hi Mama, I LOVE your photos and that card is so sweet! I'm glad you "won" a new friend, too. =)


Nadine said...

Dear Lady Farmer,

How wonderful that you won the giveaway, but even better that you have a new friend!
I know what you mean, as I consider many of you (including you!) in the blogging world my friends!
I hope you are feeling better soon!


Marqueta said...

Dear Lady Farmer,

What a sweet card and seeds, and sweet friends! I too am amazed by how many wonderful people I've "met" over the internet. It makes the world seem a nicer place, somehow.



cheri said...

Sorry about your headache.

Doncha just love blogland?

LDH said...

The card is so sweet! Hope you are feeling better too. Sorry you are having trouble getting on my blog ~ I don't have a clue as to what could be causing the problem but I hope it works itself out soon!
Thinking of you! ldh

Miss Jen said...

That is SO beautiful!!
What a blessing, Lady Farmer!

Love~ Miss Jen

Lavinia said...

Oh I'm so pleased that little pick-me-up came along at the exact time that you needed it. These photos are so sweet....

Simply Heart And Home said...

You are such a sweetheart and I wish we could go to tea. Someday maybe!


~~Deby said...

browsing your blogs this post today is a look at giveaways...I love meeting sweet friends...who would have thought....years ago?