Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Young Friend

 My young friend, Sarah recently had a giveaway
celebrating her 101st blog post.
I WON! :~}
She is a talented young woman who loves horses,
art, music and photography! She put to good use her
talents, and made some sweet gifts for the giveaway ~

 Beautiful handcrafted bookmarks ~
two with maps and two with birds.

She also sent some lovely pieces of her artwork.

Brilliant Rose Painting

This beautiful painting of a black horse looks
just like the dear Tennessee Walker
we used to have. We saved his last horse shoe
and maybe I'll  make a frame out of it for this painting.

 She offered to draw anything of my choosing
on a blank page. I chose chickens. :>
(I love chickens and don't didn't have any chicken art!)

Thank you, Sarah, for these sweet gifts from your hand.
I love them all but especially your friendship!
Won't you please drop in and make a new friend with Sarah!
"A friend loves at all times."
Proverbs 17:17


Anonymous said...


They are just lovely. :)


Nadine said...

I was so happy to hear that you won Sarah's giveaway! She is a very talented young lady and I am proud to be her Mama! :)


Camille said...

How wonderful Raeann! I'm so happy for you! And...how talented Sarah is! :)


Mrs Georgina said...

What wonderful prizes! She is certainly talented. My favorite picture is the horse though I've never had one. Congratulations!

Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Lady Farmer,

What sweet gifts! I am always impressed by the gifts and talents of the rising generation; it's a hopeful thing!



Anonymous said...

These are truly some precious gifts! It's so nice to receive little blessings in the mail, isn't it?

Congratulations and enjoy! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you liked your chicken dawings and the painting of the horse. :) I think that it's really neat that you find it to look like your old horse. :)

Heather said...

Congrats what a great giveaway and thanks for passing along Sarah, she has the cutest blog and her horse is adorable....Lots of inspiration for her paintings ~Enjoy your goodies Love Heather

Jennifer said...

What a sweet gift - and so hand-made special!