Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Little things...

...have been keeping me busy the last couple of weeks.
Last weekend, Gentleman Farmer and I traveled
to Puyallup, WA. home of the Western Washington
State Fair, one of the largest in the country.
We just had to go watch our granddaughter play
her violin with the...

South Sound Suzuki Violin Group!

Top Left ~ Little Miss R. playing her solo
Top Right ~ Miss R. showing her two new teeth
Bottom Left ~ Miss R. and Miss M. taking a rest in the Floral Barn
Bottom Right ~ Miss R. playing with the group

Miss R. showing Grandpa her loose tooth.

Oops! How'd that camel get in here?

(Camels are one of my favorite animals! I have
never seen one at the fair before, so just had to
get a photo of her!)

Back at the Farm, I have been keeping busy with many little
food preserving and culturing projects.

Clockwise from top left ~
Red Cabbage Sauerkraut's, Sourdough Starter,
Ginger Beer, Apple Vinegar

The Sauerkraut was made at our church's
Back To Basics class.
Trying my hand at Sourdough starter again.
Last years attempt was a flop so we'll see what
happens this time!
Thought I would try apple vinegar ~ ran across the
recipe when I was reading about the Ginger Beer
at Down--to--Earth Blog.
I love Ginger Ale but rarely buy it and again
thought I would give this a try.
Drying Apples

Apple chips are a great healthy snack ~
perfect for lunches!

Those are some of the little things
that I have been doing.
What little things have you been up to?

"He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much"
Luke 16:10

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Pamela said...

You've been busy -- little things or big! I crocheted a blanket for my Granddaughter's baby -- how her eyes lit up. Wrote a program for our church kids to share. Cleaning out guest bureau drawers in my quest for a simple organized life.

Writing them down makes them seem more important!


dr momi said...

Cute state fair pics!

Cheri said...

Sweet pictures of your grands! I am with mine right now as we await word of the birth of their baby sister.

When I get home, I'm going to have to try making sour kraut. It is something I can eat on this no-fat diet!


Nadine said...

You are keeping busy! It has been years since I have been to the Puyallup fair (in fact it was on a date with my future hubby ;) !)
My sis-in-law is on her way here with peaches from Eastern WA, so I guess I will be canning them today. Not too much left in our garden...the tomatoes got yucky! :(
How wonderful to learn back to basic skills from the church! :)
Enjoy this beautiful day my friend!


Camille said...

"Little"??? I think you are accomplishing BIG things around there Raeann! How lovely!! I hope your sourdough works out for you. And yippee for violin playing little ones!! Go Miss R!! :)


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Ginger beer is one of my favorite drinks, let me know how yours turns out. Love the grands photo, she looks like a beloved child. I've been canning, drying and freezing as well as nursing a cold, tis the season, eh? -smile-

Jennifer said...

Wow, you have been busy! I am always impressed - and a bit awed - at all that keeps you busy. So many homemade/handmade goodies...ok, I'm just a bit jealous, too!! :)

Miss R is a cutie!!

Mrs Georgina said...


A camel! Wow - I've never seen one at a fair before. Did you take a ride on one?

Love all the pictures especially the one with the new teeth! :) So adorable.


Heidi said...

Wow, you've been busy. I think it's wonderful that you've been expanding your skills at homemaking learning primitive skills like fermentation and dehydrating. I have been learning some of the same skills this year. I am still not confident enough to take on the sauerkraut yet. Congratulations.

Deborah Jean at Dandelion House said...

Hello Lady Farmer!

You have been busy my dear! Thank God for the little things... they keep us going! Love your little ones teeth photo!Too cute! have a wonderful week!