Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Herb Festival

Come along with me and wander the grounds

Herb Festival.

The vendors under tents on a rainy Spring day

at the Herb Festival.

The tents on the left are sheltering the 100's

of herbs for sale to benefit the Pomeroy

Living History Farm.

I did my part in supporting them! ;~P


In the old barn.

Milking stanchions and various dairy equipment.

Looking across the vegetable garden to the herb garden.

The Herb Beds.

The Tea Room (on the left)

and the historic log house on the right.
Would you like to take a peek into the house?

Let's do!

The Parlor

There were 5 bedrooms in the old house ~

each filled with memorabilia from
different years gone by.

This is the Master Bedroom (main floor)

with different era's clothing.

In the dining room

The kitchen

At the top of the stairs


Each of the four upstairs bedrooms

showcased toys from different era's.







Did you see any toys that you used to play with?

Lincoln Logs, chalk board and Gunsmoke

were some that I played with ~

that's the only hint I will give you!


Original owner.


It was a fun filled day spent with my darling daughter

on our annual tradition of going to

The Herb Festival!


"And God said , Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth..."

Genesis 1:29

Joining Susan for


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Thank you for a lovely visit; it was thoroughly enjoyable! Seeing the decades along with the sewing machines, great wheel and all the textiles, fibers, etc. made me feel like I was there...almost. -smile-

LDH said...

Great post! I had fun seeing a few of the toys I had as a child... Chatty Kathy and Thumbelina dolls :)

Sharon said...

Oh Raeann,

What fun!!! Thanks so much for sharing. When you told me about the festival I SO wanted to go, but instead you brought it to me :)

I had Lincoln Logs, also used a chalkboard and I had that very same toy cash register (or one like it ;))

I LOVE the furniture too! You will have to post your herbs once planted. Inquiring minds want to know ;)

Have a blessed evening!

Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Lady Farmer,

Ooh, what a fun place! I think I could live quite comfortably in that home. :)

We've missed a couple of herb shows here, due to Mr. Graham's work schedule~ we'll have to make an effort to get out before we miss out on all the fun!



Storybook Woods said...

How fun, I have never heard of this farm. We will have to go sometimes. I miss all the neat herb farms that use to be around!! xoxo Clarice