Monday, August 2, 2010

This Weekend I...

Joining Becky for...
Keys to the Cottage
  • Took Farmer's Daughter #1 and two grand daughters to Sequim to visit the lavender farms and purchase some plants for said daughter's belated birthday present.
  • Enjoyed them as 'company' as they spent the night
  • Loaned our Pastor a utility trailer to use on their family vacation! (Couldn't get the lights to work, so their daughters' husband and boy-friend will need to sit in the back of the trailer with flashlights! :~P )
  • Spent the afternoon with Gentleman Farmer's family for a Birthday 'Get-together'.
  • Swooned over (and ate much!) the delectable deep fried Alaska Halibut and Coho Salmon at the party.
  • Drove 1 1/2 hours (one way) to take 5 huge suitcases of luggage and 1 large box of frozen food to Missionary friends heading back to the Philippines.
  • Taught a part of a lesson on 'Sacrificial living' to 9 5-6th graders. (Sheesh! This is a tough one!)
  • Celebrated a 50th Wedding Anniversary with good friends at church! (Now here's a lesson on sacrificial living!)
  • Cooked some more of that lovely fish from Alaska for our Sunday dinner.
  • Chilled with GF
What did you do this weekend?
"He said to them, "Have you anything here to eat?" And they gave Him a piece of a broiled fish, and He took it and ate it before them."
Luke 24:41-43


Farmgirl Cyn said...

Big family get together in the backyard by the pool, with all 5 children, their mates/boyfriends, and 3 grands. A wonderful day and beautiful weather! We had grilled steaks, homemade potato salad, corn on the cob, and watermelon!

Becky said...

Well you were busy! And a lavender farm would be so lovely. I can only imagine what a wonderful fragrance would hit you when you got out of the car.

Karen said...

I love lavender and seeing an entire farm would be heavenly.

It sounds like you had lots to celebrate this weekend -- birthdays and anniversaries. And the idea of the two sitting in the back of the trailer with flashlights is priceless!

Rebecca said...

What a productive weekend! Full of ministry and significant acts of generosity and blessing to others. I know YOU were and WILL BE blessed yourself.

SO special that you follow dear Linda Stubbs, too. (Just about as amazing that I FOUND her!)

Heather said...

This all sounds like a great weekend...We enjoyed some BBQ and we made fresh Salsa ~ Blessings Love Heather

Miss Jen said...

How wonderful, dear Lady Farmer!
Sounds like you had a busy yet delightful weekend. ;)


Love~ Miss Jen

Anonymous said...

Now you know, dear friend, how much I just swoon over lavender!!!

What a treat to visit the farms and just bask in the heavenly scent :)

You had a terrific weekend dear one, thank you for sharing it with us ;)



LDH said...

A busy but joy filled weekend you had! And you know how I spent my weekend ;) Up to my elbows in spackle and paint!

Sharon said...

Lady Farmer,

It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and in the process blessed many others :)
Oh the lavender sounds wonderful, I am still enjoying the wands you sent and the fish, oh my it sounds delicious!

This weekend was prearing for church and church on Sunday. Grocery shopping and errand running (the only day I have to get things done :))
Sunday after church, just hung out and relaxed with my honey :)