Saturday, October 10, 2009

His Homestead

I couldn't believe we drove all this way and couldn't find it!
There were no signs or markers of anykind pointing the
direction to our destination! You would think something
this important, historically, would be the highlight of
a little town and there would at least be a sign!
Farmers Daughter #2 pulled over at the local W*l M*rt
(we had no trouble finding this monstrosity!)
and got out her trusty Blackberry!
(Oh, what contradictions! I am looking for a bit of history
and we have to use this modern marvel to find it!)
I hardly know what these things are ~ is it a phone, a computer, camera?
Anyway, she brings up the web page and finds the directions and a map.
We are off again, and find the very tiny little backroad that we
almost missed, and FINALLY find our predetermined journey's end!
So much the better! We were free to wander about the grounds
unhampered by another single soul the whole while we were there.
We could not see inside any of the buildings, but it was fun to imagine what life
would have been like for young Amanzo Wilder living here.
Enjoy the few photos of this, the only remaining original
home from the Little House Books.

Almanzo Wilder's boyhood home.

The museum

The Barn ~ rebuilt ~ not the original structure

Some pictures of the inside of the house, taken through the window.
In the photo below, you can see my reflection and FD
peeking in the window on the other side!

Only one car came by, stopped momentarily and snapped one
quick pic, then drove away!
We said goodbye to this charming little place, and began our journey
back to the hustle and bustle of life in a big city.
But I will come back again and next time make sure
it is open!

"Let his homestead be made desolate,
and let no man dwell in it:"
Ps 69:25 & Ps 109:8


Christa said...

How wonderful to be able to share this time with your daughter.
Little House on the Prairie has a special place in my heart. Some day I will blog about my experience with this show and my family life as a child.
Thanks for sharing these pictures. I would like to go there some day.
It's always a treat to visit your blog.



Nadine said...

What a bummer! At least you got to explore! What a beautiful home. I always thought that it would be fun to take a tour across the US to all the Little House sites...maybe someday...sigh!
Thank you for sharing!

Love & Blessings!

Sharon said...

Oh Lady Farmer,

Thank you for sharing! Farmer Boy is my favorite Little House Book:) I would love to see Almonzo's homestead :) I'm glad you and your daughter could at least wander around and sneak peeks through the windows ;)

Have a glorious weekend!


Camille said...

This is so wonderful!! Thank you SO much for posting! I was an avid reader of all things "Little House" as a girl and wished I could have lived in those days so long ago! What a fun thing to find that Almanzo's home as a boy is here IN PICTURES!! Such a treat!

Have a wonderful weekend!

LDH said...

I really enjoyed this tour with you and your daughter ~ even the through-the-window shots. looks like you had a perfect day.

Marqueta said...

Dear Lady Farmer,

I'm so glad you were able to peek at the Wilder's homestead! I didn't know that there was such a memorial; thank goodness there is!

Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful pictures. There is such a spirit about them.



Miss Jen said...

Oh... *sigh*
how nice though... that you were able to see the lovely place and
take a few pics... I am "oooing"
and "awwwing" over them all!

Love in Christ~ Miss Jen

Thank you for the most
kind comment on Blessed Femina!
Your words always bring a smile to my face... Bless you!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that looks like a fun place to visit.

Was thinking of you, Raeann... so, it was a delight to hear from you today! :)


Simply Heart And Home said...

What an adventure you had! Such lovely pictures. I love Almanzo's house! Thank you for sharing your visit with us.


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