Wednesday, September 23, 2009

White Wednesday

Joining Kathleen today for White Wednesday!
For more White, head over to Faded Charm Cottage.
Clothed in White





"He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment;"

Revelation 3:5


Lisa said...

I love your milkglass chickens!

lady m said...

That is quite a bit of white pieces you have, dear friend, and all of them lovely ;-)

Thank you for sharing...I enjoy how you have decorated your space ~ very nice ~

lady m

Nadine said...

Very nice! I have quite a few hens & roosters that have made themselves a home in my kitchen!

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the sunshine!


Sharon said...

Good Morning Raeann and Autumn Blessings to you!

I love your photos! Just perfect for White Wednesday. I especially like the soft white feather across the plate with a touch of lace from the doily showing :)

Have a wonderful and blessed day!


stefanie said...

what a beautiful collection, happy ww

Sandi said...

Nice photos for white wednesday. Thanks for sharing!

Christa said...

I love your pictures! I think it helps that they are about roasters. Oh how I love country roasters!

Have a blessed day,


The Watts Family said...

Wonderful White! Thanks for sharing all those lovely white treasures Blessings Heather :D

Graham Sisters said...

Dear Lady Farmer,

Wow, look at your banner! That's adorable! Thanks for the peek at your chicken collection~you know we love chickens!



Marqueta said...

Oh dear, I left a comment as my girls again~brain damage!

Vivianna said...

Dear Lady Farmer,

Lovely pieces. I like your autumn background.... it's my favorite season!

Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

What a charming post, Raeann. The chickens are so cute!

Miss Jen said...

Lovely.... white :) *sigh*
Beautiful post, Lady Farmer!

Love~ Jen