Sunday, July 26, 2009

The desert shall rejoice

"...the desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose,"
Isaiah 35:1


Anonymous said...

Lovely vintage print! Anything with roses is so delightful and my favorite.

Thank you so much for stopping by Rose Cottage and sharing in the travels to the millinery masterclass in France. I am so grateful for your kind comments. Please do keep coming back to more of the adventures. There are three days worth so far, and another one about the French hat festival just about ready to post.

Thank you for sharing your information about the tuna canning. Next time, I am able to visit my sweetcakes in Seattle we will have to add it to the list of fun things to do together. It sounds so good, and I understand why you no longer eat store-purchased tuna.

Thank you for all your kind thoughts.

Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

Miss Jen said...

What a beautiful scripture, Lady Farmer!! :) Hope you are having a Sweet Sunday!!!

With Much Love~ Jen

Lavinia said...

Won't that be the happiest day? Because the spring from whence those waters come shall be the living spring of Jesus Lord!

lady m said...

The Word of God is so alive!

Thank you for sharing...

lady m

Sharon said...

How beautiful lady Farmer. Thank you for sharing :)

I hope you had a blessed Sunday!


Technonana said...

Beautiful scripture passage.. so descriptive...Thanks for the reminder!

Ivory Spring said...

Love the verse, Raeann! That verse brings a smile to my face. I also like your new banner! :)


p.s. Thanks for the kind words on my quilting. I will be show pictures of the blocks soon.