Friday, April 24, 2009

Show & Tell Friday

Today for Kelli's Show & Tell, I would like to share some pictures of items from my childhood.

I grew up on my Grandparents farm, and Grandpa once had a small dairy herd. Here are some articles I found in the barn.



Milk bottle collection. (Most from Grandpa's barn.)

Cow bells .

Crochet apron made by Auntie Emma.



Butter churn.

I remember making butter in this very one!

Nothing tastes better than fresh, home churned sweet cream butter!



Milk bottle carrier with milk bottles from local dairies.



Cream top bottles.

One has a cream dipper spoon and the other is a "baby face" bottle.

Grandma's very old, handmade cutting board in back.

(This cutting board was the inspiration for Christmas gifts made by the Gentleman Farmer to his daughters.)



Gram's old Yellow ware bread bowl,

sitting on a doily crocheted by her.
(The bread bowl, apron, cutting board and doily were NOT found in the barn! :~} Gram gave them to me.)



Hope you enjoyed going down memory lane with me.

Be sure to visit all the other gals participating in the Show & Tell.
"Remember those who led you, who spoke the Word of God to you; and considering the result of their conduct, imitate their faith."
Hebrews 13: 7


Lori said...

Thanks for the show and tell, I just love antiques.
What sweet but mischievous looking kitties you have there on the :)

Marqueta said...

Dear Lady Farmer,

I love all the memories you've shared. I agree that there is nothing better than fresh-churned butter (We used to use a quart jar and shake it forever and forever before it was done.)!

You have them so neatly displayed, along with your gram's things; it all looks like it was meant to be put that way.



hip chick said...

I love the way you have them all displayed. It's so nice that they all bring back such lovely memories.

Lori said...

Oh my! This stuff is right up my alley!! I have a gallon butter churn like that and I use it every week to make my butter!! We live on a farm too. I very much enjoyed looking at all your treasures! Thank you for posting them! :)

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

This brings back so many memories for me, as I have been feeling very nostalgic lately. I am so thrilled that others care enough to want to preserve their heritage. I have my grandmothers old churn except mine is a floor model. Thank you so much for showing these beautiful treasures.
Thank you for coming by and for so encouraging me, yes please come by and consider yourself family.

Miss Jen said...

What a lovely show and tell, Lady Farmer!! That bread bowl and crocheted doily are amazing....what heirlooms and treasures from your Grandmother!!! Hope you and your family have a blessed weekend!
Thank you SO much for sharing!!!!

Love in Jesus,
Miss Jen

Michele said...

Don't you just love "living" with all those treasures ~ instead of putting them away in boxes in the attic. So nice to be able to look at them every day and remember special people and special times. I am loving all my treasures from them (and you and Daddy, too).


p.s. The verse is just right for this post.

Andrea said...

I know these treasures mean so much to you, having received them from your grandparents. It's like holding on to a piece of family history, extending their legacy to you.

Thank you for sharing. Very special. God bless.


lady m's lavender cottage said...

Dear Lady Farmer,

What a blessing to live surrounded by your ancestral past. Everytime you look up, you are able to imagine what it must have been like and better yet remember it since you experience it a bit.

It is a piece of history that can not be forgotten :)

Freshly churned butter...yum!

Thank you for sharing,


Lady M

ps: The new header is lovely!

LDH said...

Such lovely item you have from your grandparents. They must be treasures to you. I was recently given a butter churn like the one in your picture. It was from the family of a newly discovered cousin of my husband.

Nice stopping by!

Noel said...

my mom has that same butter churn - it brings back good memories :)

Sharon said...

Lady Farmer,

I love your treasures. It is such a blessing to have family treasures to cherish. I agree that the scripture verse is just perfect :)

Deborah said...

What wonderful treasures! I have two of the original milk cans from my father-in-laws farm. One of these days I hope to go through the drive shed to see what other treasures I can unearth.

Thank you for sharing your special things!

Lavinia said...

These are terrific. Thank goodness some things stand the test of time. You have made me nostalgic for life on the farm and I have never even lived on a farm. How I am craving sweet cream butter right now...