Saturday, January 10, 2009

I love the soil!

They started arriving shortly after Christmas, and there has been a steady stream of Seed Catalogs pouring forth from my mailbox since!

It is dizzying to see all the fruits, vegetables and flowers
that one could grow.

I hardly know which catalog to peer into first!

I could spend hundreds ($) on the flower seeds alone,

but I need to be practical! I need to grow fruits and vegetables
to eat fresh this spring and summer,
and preserve for the next winter.

But, I must have flowers, too, for they are food for my soul!

Maybe I will try selling some plants and produce
at the local Farmers' Market!

Let me see... I will plant lettuces and peas and carrots in the spring garden
along with sweet peas and poppies and hollyhocks and....
(Vintage seed catalog images used with permission from Kalamaquilts Webshots)
He Know No Winter
He knows no winter, he who loves the soil,
For, stormy days, when he is free from toil,
He plans his summer crops, selects his seeds
From bright-paged catalogues for garden needs.
When looking out upon frost-silvered fields,
He visualizes autumn's golden yields;
He sees in snow and sleet and icy rain
Precious moisture for his early grain;
He hears spring-heralds in the storm's' turmoil
He knows no winter, he who loves the soil.
~Sudie Stuart Hager~

"For as the earth brings forth its sprouts, and as a garden causes the things sown in it to spring up, so the Lord God will cause righteousness and praise to spring up before all the nations."
Isaiah 61:11


Marqueta said...

Hello there!

I found your blog through Selia's "Down the Rabbit Hole" blog. It looks like we're on the same wave length-I just did a post on gardening, too!

So many choices, so little time!


Miss Riya said...

I am writing down this poem to give to my friend over at Plain Old Kristi's Also I hope you don't mind, but I am adding a "What I am Praying for today" spot on my side bar.
Miss Riya
(Michelle's Pen Pal)

Mia said...

I'm looking forward to planting too! I have my flower seeds ready--now for the veggies...
I found your blog tonight and I think its lovely, keep up the great work!!


Marqueta said...

Hello again!

I forgot to mention that the picture you have as your avatar hangs on my porch in the summer!

Too funny!

Thanks for stopping by,


Paula said...


Your blog is so very beautiful! I, too, am receiving my seed catalogs, and planning what veggie seeds I will purchase to add to our garden, and flowers too, of course. I love what you said, "But, I must have flowers too, for they are food for my soul." I agree wholeheartedly! The vintage images are so lovely, as is the poem and beautiful scripture!

All the photos and images on your side bar are so pretty! I am enjoying your lovely blog so much!


Paula said...

Dear Reaann,
Oh, thank you for your lovely comments dear one! Yes, is wonderful to meet so many kindred spirits that enjoy the same things!

Thank you so much for allowing me to copy your idea for listing the birds seen here. Oh yes, they are such a joy to watch! I enjoyed the list of birds you have seen up your way.

You are a blessing dear Reaann! I am so thankful to "meet" you! May the Lord bless you!

Have a beautiful day!
Love, Paula

P.S. I made the pillow in the middle. I love to sew!

Miss Jen said...

The vintage images are just beautiful! ;)
Happy Gardening to you!!

Miss Jen