Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Baby Layette Part 1

Stitchin' up some sweetness in

"...a time to sew..."
Ecclesiastes 3:7

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday

Come on out to The Barnyard for

"And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind...and God saw that it was good."
Genesis 1:25

Monday, June 28, 2010

This Weekend I...

Joining Becky at Keys to the Cottage for

  • Got up early Saturday morning to take Gentleman Farmer to Cabela's to get his Christmas present that he FINALLY decided on ~ a 'game camera' to take photos of wildlife on a game trail. They come on sale. :~P
  • Picked up some fabric for making new aprons for my Etsy Store
  • Did some weeding in the flower beds
  • Did lots of watering of 40 tomato plants and six teepee's of pole beans and twelve flower pots on the fence posts that line the driveway
  • Made an awesome meatloaf
  • Made butter with raw Jersey cream
  • Went to the last Sunday School class (The Truth Project) of the quarter.
  • Listened to dear missionary friends from the Philippines speak at church
  • Cut out some pieces of a baby layette pattern for an upcoming baby shower gift
  • Made Cheesesteak Sandwiches on Garlic Sourdough bread and Homemade Milkshakes for dinner. Yumm!


"This is the day that the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it."

Psalm 118:24

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Labourers needed

"The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord...would send forth labourers into his harvest."
Luke 10:2

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Sojourn

Please join these hosts for more

White Wednesday


Outdoor Wednesday!


Our outing began with the decision to hike on the Southfork

of the Skokomish River in the beautiful

Olympic Mountains, a majestic playground

nearly in our 'backyard'!


A little history from the reader board at the trail head.

We drove on a little further to begin our hike...

on a 'road less traveled'.

"When thro' the woods and forest glades I wander...

...and hear the birds sing sweetly in the trees"
This trail is also used by horsemen. The bridges have washed out
at several of the streams and are in the process of being rebuilt.
Notice the white tarp bags in the upper left corner. These heavy
bags were full of large stones brought in by helicopter.
The stones are being used as footings for the new bridges.
(The horses have a difficult time traversing safely over the stoney
stream bed. Horsemen and women use these trails for pleasure
and for hunting in the fall/winter.)

Three kinds of ferns ~
(I'm reminded of the line in 'Robin Hood; Prince of Thieves'
Morgan Freeman's character says, "God loves wondrous variety!")

Below is some of the beauty carpeting the forest floor

tiny wild rose

Cottonwood 'fluff' floating down like snowflakes on the gentle breeze

Unripe Salmon Berry

Linea Twin Flower

Devil's Club in flower...

...and armed and dangerous!
These thorns have many tiny barbs: when pierced by them,
one usually has to push it through as pulling them out causes greater
pain and damage. Best to avoid them altogether!

This is for my sweet friend Sharon! ;~D
(I think this is Wild Ginger)

Ripe Salmon Berry

And it's not even St. Patrick's Day!
Below are several varieties of moss, lichen & fungus


Below ~
Our Destination!
Stopping at the river for lunch. :~P

The 'table' set with flowers!

Won't you join us?

On our return we discovered someone else had used the trail!
This one loudly proclaimed his displeasure at our presence!
Can you spot him?
The trail back is just as lovely as the trail in!

Gentleman Farmer trying to give you an idea of how
magnificent some of the trees are in this area.

Evidence of old time logging in this area.
See the 'springboard' marks?

When we came to this 'bridge' we knew we had missed our trail.
We had not crossed this coming up the trail!
We turned around upon discovering our error ~
adding another 1/2 mile to our travel!
Total distance hiked = 8 miles
But the road home is never long!
"By faith, he sojourned in the land of promise"
Hebrews 11:9

Monday, June 21, 2010

This Weekend I....

  • Waited for a phone call from FIL
  • to tell us it was time to pick him up and take him to the hospital 25 miles away to
  • pick up MIL after her release from the hospital after having surgery earlier this week to remove an ovarian cyst.
  • Went to W*lM*rt just out of boredom (and to buy a vintage style baby layette pattern ~ to make a gift for a baby shower next month.)
  • Went to church
  • Made brownies for Gentleman Farmer for Father's Day.
  • Planned to watch Design Star but fell asleep instead!


"A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest."

Proverbs 6:10

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

"The just man walketh in his integrity:
his children are blessed after him."
Proverbs 20:7

Sunday, June 13, 2010

This Weekend I....

  • Went to the service/repair parts store 60 miles away to get the part for my broken washing machine
  • Waited while Gentleman Farmer repaired the washing machine
  • Caught up on the MOUNTAINS of laundry created by not having a washing machine
  • Stopped at a favorite old fashioned meat market and picked up a 50 pound "family pack" of meat/chicken for the freezer
  • Made a lovely pot roast with carrots and potatoes with a roast from the newly purchased family pack of meat
  • Enjoyed a wonderful Sunday School video series called The Truth Project
  • Cleaned up around the grape vines while
  • Gentleman Farmer roto tilled our second garden spot
  • Enjoyed our second day in a row of 70* weather
  • Skimmed the delicious thick cream off of two gallons of raw, whole Jersey milk
  • Picked up two bags of organic feed for 'the girls' who lay our beautiful organic eggs
  • Looked for a recipe online for an easy homemade ice cream to use that lovely cream and eggs in


Head on over to Becky's to see what others did this weekend!


"Laziness casts into a deep sleep,

and an idle man will suffer hunger."

Proverbs 19:15

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

On my walk...

...they encourage me to keep on!

(Honey bee on wild rose)

(Wild honeysuckle)

(Piggyback plant in flower)

(Wild strawberry and blackberry)

(Carpet of Buttercup)

(Mare and Foal)


(Wild Pea vine)


"...walk in a manner worthy of the God who calls you into His own kingdom and glory."
I Thessalonians 2:12

Joining Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday!